Nike shoes a few days to open plastic
Recently, Siyang County of Jiangsu Province Mr. Zhang to our staff reporter consumers reflect: August 7, 2008, his department store in Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical spent 820 yuan to buy a pair of NIKE sneakers, dark capri pants, a number of results, serious rubber on the opening. Merchants and manufacturers to find the situation, but the other three bags had a view on the grounds, under the carpet. Therefore, only rights to the Chinese consumer complaints network.


Mr. Zhang told the reporter that in the intention to buy shoes, he hopes to spend more money to buy a pair of good points, brand shoes, like to wear longer. Therefore, before deciding to spend some money to buy the NIKE brand internationally renowned sports shoes. High prices due to price, Mr. Zhang is also usually want to常穿, so that pairs of shoes to buy a half a year, but wearing a total of less than 20 times, and not to one day for each wearing. Such a calculation, not to wear these shoes a month, on a serious open plastic phenomenon, the problem is the quality.

In this regard, Mr. Chang told reporters that the "Nike" shoes first of all, the existence of quality problems, or serious How could there be any open gel phenomenon. On the other hand, buy new shoes, and not to wear every day, not even washed once, on such a serious problem, Shade sailsince who would believe in this so-called international brands Nike? And the network on the Nike product quality information to solve problems are not uncommon, it made him look lost confidence in this brand, I hope that the departments concerned to seriously testing the quality of the Nike brand with the national standards, but also consumer From the consumer a healthy environment!

Journalists to investigate:

Online reporter found that the complaints of the Nike Group can be seen everywhere.

Investigating a: nike shoes have been inconsistencies in the size of consumer complaints

February 7, 2009, Ms Wu consumers online complaints hotline at 315: New to buy Nike shoes to wear only one day, discovered that there are differences about the size of the foot, the same code a number of obvious, but a big one shoes shoes small. Off looked at carefully, it was relatively sharp toe of his left foot, and compare a round toe of his right foot, while the size of the sole is also inconsistent. Find a store request for the replacement of the other party that does not belong to the quality problem, we will certainly not be returned. This is so angry!

Survey II: the size of Nike running shoes, consumer complaints have been inconsistent

February 3, 2009, Mr. Ma Consumer Hotline at 315-line complaints: January 18, 2009 afternoon, the streets in Chengdu city Shun Item bought for 324570-002 (Indonesia production) NIKE running shoes, then try a simple after taking away until January 24 before the Spring Festival holiday to wear home (because of job requirements and can not wear casual sportswear), before returning home found that the feeling about the apparent inconsistency feet, very uncomfortable to wear. While trying to tie shoelaces, etc. attempt to ease, but it plays a minor role, but also affect the appearance of wearing. So check found that the pairs of shoes around两只鞋eye asymmetry, a high degree of inconsistency upper (right foot higher than the left), after repeated experiments and inspection, comparison, or confirm that the pairs of shoes两只鞋eye asymmetry, upper high inconsistent with the national provisions of the relevant criteria are different: 1. Asymmetry in the overall appearance; 2. Eye disorder, such as shoes. Therefore, I think that the existence of pairs of shoes a certain defects, for unqualified products. January 30, 2009, 31 stores found two, the corresponding reception and management staff are determined to deny the existence of the quality of the shoes, claiming that they are the foot problems caused by personal feelings, such as wrong as more of the shoes I have indicated eyes, upper nor endorsed problems.

Investigation III: Nike shoes store has been selling fake consumer complaints

February 16, 2009, Mr. Deng in the 315 consumer complaints hotline online: February 14, 2009, I Baihua Plaza in Foshan Fenglei store to buy a pair of Nike shoes, the original 780 yuan, hit by 6.8 fold, that is, 530. The store will definitely not think that is false, so the shoes in the shop to me, just look at the shoes on its right away. I travel from Guangzhou to Foshan, when I went back to live in hostels, they try to come back to buy shoes. Just a put on, it was found not usually buy the brand-name shoes are very comfortable to wear the uncomfortable point, I carefully looked at, taken aback. This is a "fake Nike," because from the invisible to the naked eye on very poor quality. February 15, I returned to find shoes store request, but was refused.

Investigation Four: Nike shoes is actually three products were no consumer complaints

November 10, 2008, Miss Liu in the 315 consumer complaints hotline online: I have department store in the Friends of the NIKE counter to buy a pair of NIKE shoes, wear a little pin to wear, do not think it对劲. Because they had 7-8 years of NIKE athletic footwear, foot wear has never been. So want to go online and look up jerry-building is now NIKE shoes poor quality output. Some Internet users have found that its three non-product characteristics, the results of their own, I looked to buy the shoes and found that the manufacturers of their products did not name, location, telephone, in violation of the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law" the relevant provisions.

It is understood, NIKE Inc. was formally established in 1972, entered China in 1980, in Beijing to set up its first liaison office NIKE production. After, NIKE our "Local for Local" (where, to where) the concept of whole-hearted commitment to local talent, production technology, marketing the concept of culture in China has made rapid development. In that case, such a large Group will be how to deal with consumer complaints? Will continue to pay attention to our staff reporter.

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